Thursday, October 1, 2009

So sore...

This is a little late coming I apologize, but school and work have kicked my ass this week. Not to mention the workout Monday that REALLY kicked my ass.

I started the week off by going to the gym with my Dad. I am trying to focus back on going to the gym more since a) It's cold and b) I'm bored with running and swimming. Time to mix things up! So off to the gym I went, and since it's better for your muscles to have a day of rest, I decided to focus on legs. My legs and butt are so sore! I didn't even do that much. I did 30 minutes of cardio on the stair-master, general arm muscle groups (1 rep only), leg work double reps along with agility moves with 5 lbs. in each hand. I made sure to top it all off with a final burst of fast paced squats, jumps, etc. Pick a good song on your ipod and force yourself to go all out THE WHOLE THING.

1 1/2 hours at the gym=sore

Tuesday I obviously did not have time to go, hence it's one of my off days... school 7 am to 10ish pm...nooo thank you! Wednesday I went to yoga instead. I wasn't going to b/c I was feeling guilty it wasn't a "work out". Well guess what... Yoga chewed me up and spit me out. It was great! Especially since my feet are starting to have problems again and I need to start figuring out lower impact work outs, until I can get to the podiatrist.*

Things are looking good now. My work schedule is a little better so I'll be able to fit in more yoga classes and finally give palates a try.

*I had to have bunion surgery when I was 15. My feet were so bad that I couldn't walk after I played sports. I had somewhere around 14 screws put in my feet all together. All were dissolvable except one. The surgery didn't really take, and my feet are going back. Ouch.

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