Monday, October 12, 2009


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This weekend after wanting to participate in a triathlon for the longest time I got the opportunity to not only see one, but work it. Originally I was going to sign up to compete, but it was such short notice, and I get so nervous about new things I figured seeing one in action would help ease into it. Normally I encourage people to jump on in and go for it, but it got me pumped seeing these people, all shapes and sizes complete a triathlon. As soon as the new sprint triathalon season starts I'm going for it. I'm gonna take my dad's old bike and give it a go. Why not? The triathlon community is extremely supportive, whether your a complete newbie or a seasoned veteran. Here are some links to get you started. I'm really hoping to become a part of TRIgirl.

Led by USATriathlon certified coaches, team members follow a fitness program to prepare for a target triathlon. The heart of TRIgirl lies in the camaraderie and support of a team working together toward a common fitness goal and philanthropic cause. We provide a complete package of fitness training, triathlon coaching, social events and philanthropic opportunities all within a friendly, supportive, all-female environment. Women of all ages and abilities are encouraged to join the team.

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