Sunday, October 4, 2009

Winks! A healthy mind equals a healthy body

I apologize for the delay getting this out and that there is only one link, but I think you will find that this website includes quite a lot of information and interactive stuff to sift through. This week I really wanted to stress the importance of mental health. So many people live lesser lives because they do not allow themselves the time to relax not only physically, but mentally. I have found that giving myself that hour every other day, preferably every day, to find peace of mind works wonders on my overall health and good attitude.

Yoga is in my opinion the BEST way to accomplish this. You owe it to yourself. Not only does it work out the kinks that can form in our bodies after a long day, but it helps you shrug out all of those mental kinks as well. One of my favorite quotes is...

"Free your mind and the rest will follow."

I have only been doing yoga in a class setting since late August, but practically immediately I noticed the impact it was having on my outlook on life. When I go in to class I make that quote my goal for what I want to accomplish and I try and have that attitude that best I can all the time. Now I'm not perfect, I get pissed off, and I can be a major bitch when I want to, but you know what? It doesn't happen as frequently, and every day I am becoming happier and happier with myself. And each day I'm letting less and less things drag me down. So give it a shot ladies. What do you have to lose?

This website is awesome! AWESOME! If like me you get nervous trying new things, this website has tons of info on anything and everything yoga. My favorite feature is the build a pose sequence under the Poses tab. It allows you to browse through various poses and create your own sequence or view sequences that others have saved. This is great for the beginner who wants to become familiar before taking classes, or any practitioner that is tired of coming up with ideas at home.

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