Sunday, October 4, 2009

Katie Hoff

So guess who I had the opportunity to meet this weekend... Olympic Swimmer Katie Hoff. She was giving a swim clinic where I work. I was very impressed with her ability to break down drills and explain them in ways that kids could actually remember them. I learned a few things myself.

On the downside I was not impressed with her public speaking skills. She seemed like a very nice, intelligent person until she opened her mouth. I would have loved to hear what she had to say as a swimmer and as a person who values swimming as an important life skill for everyone, but when I hear someone say "um" every three words I have a very had time listening to anything other than the onslaught of meaningless fillers.

It amazes me that people in her situation that are the top of their sport, field, etc. don't have better public speaking skills. If it were up to me it would be a requirement, and when adolescents have to give presentations in school points should be deducted every time they use fillers.

Now I'm not perfect, but thankfully I have friends and family who will point my speech problems out to me. Sometimes I hate them for it, but I truly believe when a person can confidently speak to others about their opinion, they will be confident expressing themselves in all other areas.

Just remember, listen to others and calculate what you will say. Say what you feel and believe. People respect honesty and especially the ability to articulate your thoughts and opinions.

*Winks will be posted tomorrow. I really want to include this book I have and I can't find it!

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