Friday, December 11, 2009

Exams are over and the Hiatus is over!

Sorry to have dropped off the face of the web for... 2 months. Things got crazy with work, school, etc, but good news! The semester is over, I'm turning 21, and even better, all A's in all classes so far.

Though things were busy, I did manage to set up a good fitness routine, and though I haven't lost the weight I would have liked (about 5 lbs so far), the pounds are steadily dropping and the changes are ones that will stick. Over the past two months I have managed to take 3 pilates classes a week (MWF after work), and run on the treadmill for as long as I have from the time I get to the gym to the time the class starts (between 10-30 minutes).

Something is better than nothing. And though pilates isn't everyone's cup of tea (I don't enjoy it), give it a week. You WILL see a noticable diference in the definition of your abs. And come on, you know that's what you want more than anything. Not to mention the exercises can easily be repeated at home, but I do recommend trying to give yourself one month of classes to get the precise form down. Otherwise neck and back pain will become your better abs best friend.

I'll leave you with that and the video to consider. It's part of The Fun Theory, the idea that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. Imagine if this were applied to the concept of health and fitness. Would it work for you? It works for kids. Have you ever had a plate of vegetables assembled like a smiley face?

Monday, October 12, 2009


Links to get you through the week...

This weekend after wanting to participate in a triathlon for the longest time I got the opportunity to not only see one, but work it. Originally I was going to sign up to compete, but it was such short notice, and I get so nervous about new things I figured seeing one in action would help ease into it. Normally I encourage people to jump on in and go for it, but it got me pumped seeing these people, all shapes and sizes complete a triathlon. As soon as the new sprint triathalon season starts I'm going for it. I'm gonna take my dad's old bike and give it a go. Why not? The triathlon community is extremely supportive, whether your a complete newbie or a seasoned veteran. Here are some links to get you started. I'm really hoping to become a part of TRIgirl.

Led by USATriathlon certified coaches, team members follow a fitness program to prepare for a target triathlon. The heart of TRIgirl lies in the camaraderie and support of a team working together toward a common fitness goal and philanthropic cause. We provide a complete package of fitness training, triathlon coaching, social events and philanthropic opportunities all within a friendly, supportive, all-female environment. Women of all ages and abilities are encouraged to join the team.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The morning after...pilates.

Holy crap. I'm feeling it. Especially in my abs. I never feel it in my abs! Yesterday I took a pilates class for the first time and am in love. It was one hell of a work out. It's like yoga, but less Ohm and and more ow. Ow in a good way though. I really felt like I was getting a killer work out the whole time. At the same time however it had the the resftul quality of yoga.

If you're like me and you have gotten to the point where when you don't feel like you gotten a good work out you feel guilty pilates is for you.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Katie Hoff

So guess who I had the opportunity to meet this weekend... Olympic Swimmer Katie Hoff. She was giving a swim clinic where I work. I was very impressed with her ability to break down drills and explain them in ways that kids could actually remember them. I learned a few things myself.

On the downside I was not impressed with her public speaking skills. She seemed like a very nice, intelligent person until she opened her mouth. I would have loved to hear what she had to say as a swimmer and as a person who values swimming as an important life skill for everyone, but when I hear someone say "um" every three words I have a very had time listening to anything other than the onslaught of meaningless fillers.

It amazes me that people in her situation that are the top of their sport, field, etc. don't have better public speaking skills. If it were up to me it would be a requirement, and when adolescents have to give presentations in school points should be deducted every time they use fillers.

Now I'm not perfect, but thankfully I have friends and family who will point my speech problems out to me. Sometimes I hate them for it, but I truly believe when a person can confidently speak to others about their opinion, they will be confident expressing themselves in all other areas.

Just remember, listen to others and calculate what you will say. Say what you feel and believe. People respect honesty and especially the ability to articulate your thoughts and opinions.

*Winks will be posted tomorrow. I really want to include this book I have and I can't find it!

Winks! A healthy mind equals a healthy body

I apologize for the delay getting this out and that there is only one link, but I think you will find that this website includes quite a lot of information and interactive stuff to sift through. This week I really wanted to stress the importance of mental health. So many people live lesser lives because they do not allow themselves the time to relax not only physically, but mentally. I have found that giving myself that hour every other day, preferably every day, to find peace of mind works wonders on my overall health and good attitude.

Yoga is in my opinion the BEST way to accomplish this. You owe it to yourself. Not only does it work out the kinks that can form in our bodies after a long day, but it helps you shrug out all of those mental kinks as well. One of my favorite quotes is...

"Free your mind and the rest will follow."

I have only been doing yoga in a class setting since late August, but practically immediately I noticed the impact it was having on my outlook on life. When I go in to class I make that quote my goal for what I want to accomplish and I try and have that attitude that best I can all the time. Now I'm not perfect, I get pissed off, and I can be a major bitch when I want to, but you know what? It doesn't happen as frequently, and every day I am becoming happier and happier with myself. And each day I'm letting less and less things drag me down. So give it a shot ladies. What do you have to lose?

This website is awesome! AWESOME! If like me you get nervous trying new things, this website has tons of info on anything and everything yoga. My favorite feature is the build a pose sequence under the Poses tab. It allows you to browse through various poses and create your own sequence or view sequences that others have saved. This is great for the beginner who wants to become familiar before taking classes, or any practitioner that is tired of coming up with ideas at home.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

No One is Invincible

Many people take for granted their youth, genes, etc, for their health and physical prowess. We are not invincible. People age, contract illness, etc. While some may not have to "work" to maintain the body that houses them, others see it as a constant battle. Yours Truly included.

At the same time however I remember what it was like to feel that I was invincible. Then it all went away. After my foot surgery it was a constant struggle to get back to my peak condition, and I still haven't gotten there.

I had never been out of shape before. I didn't know the struggle, the pain, the utter stiffness of getting in shape. Since I could walk I played soccer, and since I entered school I participated in a sport every season. Basketball, Track, Volleyball, Soccer, Swimming, etc, I didn't know what it meant to work to be in shape.

Yes, I was working on my health and fitness everyday, but I didn't know the challenge of getting from point A to point B. I used to be 5'8" at 123 lbs. and could squat as high as 310 lbs. Now I'm 5'8 and 138 lbs. Down from 145. It has been a struggle, and while not at all enjoyable, it has been immensely rewarding.

Not everyone has been as lucky as myself. Many people weren't raised with a passion for physical activity, but had to find it on their own. Many people are limited to what they can do. That being said, do not make excuses. Work with what you have, and push yourself to overcome it, to bring mind over matter. If you are willing to put the effort forth and you want to look good, feel good, and be healthy it will happen.

Be resourceful. Don't be afraid to ask questions. And more importantly try new things. The world of health and fitness is vast, there is something out there for everyone all you need to do is look. There are people out there who's sole purpose in life is to help you find a way to get healthy that is specific to you. And if you really don't feel comfortable taking that first step feel free to send me any questions you may have and I will answer to the best of my ability or find someone who is more informed on the subject than I am to help you out.

photo by: Dragon-Kiss

A little more about me.

Trying to avoid a major information upchuck here, but recently I've had a lot on my mind. Like many people I have so many things I want to try/accomplish/do that to think of everything at once sends my mind into overdrive. Now that I've changed my major and I'm not doing Medical Illustration anymore I've been enjoying my doodles and simply drawing for me and not as assignments. It's quite refreshing, but at the same time difficult to watch my past classmates' evolving artistic abilities. Lately I feel bombarded by it, but alas, my doodles are quite satisfying, and who knows, maybe I'll get back to my love of anatomy drawing.

Other than that I am loving that I can now embrace everything health and fitness not only as my field of study, but as my job, and more importantly my every day life. It's because of this that my main goal I'm aiming to tackle come spring is getting my certifications to become a personal trainer. I have always wanted to do this, so enough putting it off, time has come to act! I'll keep you all posted... and for now good luck in all your individual wants and aspirations.

Feel free to e-mail me some of yours!